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dr talirezun

research articles

brand research articles, success stories & case studies

Brand research articles, success stories and case studies provide the perspective behind the brand history, meaning, worth, relevant innovation and its correlation to the competition.

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industry research#

Is Blockchain the missing internet link? Reality, Integration, Adoption and Mainstream (pdf 2019)


Identifying key quality factors of a small hotel: Article researching Business Success Model of a High-quality Small Hotel in Ljubljana (pdf 2018)

brand success story#

Naton Human Resources – Establishing Online Presence, Brand Positioning and Trust (pdf 2018)

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online brand awareness, responsive websites, SEO & content creation studio

online guerrilla

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online guerrilla

Fully Responsive, Secure Website and Hosting

online brand presentation

We devised 5-stage websites building process; (1) design and planning; (2) content design; (3) development; (3) testing; (4) SEO (i.e. system engine optimisation), and; (5) maintenance.

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online brand awareness, responsive websites, SEO & content creation studio

online guerrilla

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online guerrilla, dr tali rezun digital advisory & produkcija97



Success in online brand positioning also comes from content and content publishing. The ability to spread, publish all the novelties, daily breaking news and all the events surrounding your brand is most important. Fortunately, a lot can be done for free, using Social Media channels.

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corporative sm reference#

Naton HR - LinkedIn

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The 4th Pillar project - Twitter

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Vault Hotel - Instagram

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online brand awareness, responsive websites, SEO & content creation studio

online guerrilla

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We emphasise the importance of professional video content and its positive effect on brand visibility. Representation of your brand through powerful video content brings reference and recognition. With over 20 years of video content production experience, Online Guerrilla services offer production, execution and distribution of professional video content.

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fin-tech video reference#

4thPillar - Short interview

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Naton HR - Event update

product video reference#

Kamadopro - Video product presentations

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The technology we use

we use state-of-the art software and hardware

A lot has changed since 1997. Hipersound recording studio was Slovenia’s first digital recording studio. We were pioneers in digital audio recording, embraced the technology development and evolve with it, expanding our product innovations and our creativity. Our first websites were written in HTML by hand, and our first SEO campaigns were more or less keyword play based on trial and error. Twenty plus years of practice gave us the perspective to recognise the right technology to maximise the output service quality. We are qualified and knowledgeable in the world’s most popular software and hardware creative systems.  

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our brands

build with pride to last!

Established by Dr Rezun and partners in 1999, Hipersound Records represents the artists from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. Ahead of its time, Hipersound Records was the only record company in the region with in-house digital audio and video production (i.e. Produkcija97). “We pioneered digital recording production, which enabled us to develop innovative audio and video approaches. In 2005, the focus shifted to HTML website development, and as the potential of Google search become clear, the first SEO steps were made, that pave the foundation of Online Guerrilla.