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who are we?

SE Europe Online Brand Awareness Experts

Online Guerrilla is a service provider, that deals with online strategy’s, tactics, content and brand awareness. Established by entrepreneur Dr Tali Rezun in 2005, Online Guerrilla has developed numerous challenging projects over the last 14 years. Online Guerrilla team, offer unique expertise from the fields of online brand awareness, web-application development, advanced website design, SEO and professional value added content creation (i.e. professional brand articles, photography, videography, audio production).

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services portfolio

value lies in innovative online strategy tactics, brand awareness, content creation, seo and online technology

Online Brand Awareness is a process, that combines professional value-added content, use of advanced web technologies, use of advanced SEO techniques and the use of Social Media. OBA results in brand positioning, brand exposure and online brand equity.

Social media platforms offer new marketing and content distribution channels. We create a Social Media distribution network, to support and promote your brand.

We create or update modern brands; (1) idea concept; (2) creative concept; (3) copyright texts; (4) corporate identity, and; (5) brand OBA adaptation.

We develop fully responsive, secure WordPress websites and web-application solutions, according to 5-stage building process; (1) design and planning; (2) content creation; (3) web-application development and technical solutions; (4) SEO, and; (5) maintenance.

With over 20 years of content production experience, Online Guerrilla services include production, execution and publication of; (1) research articles and case studies; (2) visualisation content in the form of photographs and films; (3) audio content, and; (4) social media content.

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what kind of projects do we develop
Online Brand Consulting for; companies, organisations & agencies
Online Brand Research and Development for; companies & organisations
Data, Research and Descriptive Analytics for; agencies & established brands
Content Brand Creation for; companies, organisations & agencies
State of the art Website applications for; companies, organisations and brands
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online guerrilla

In the last 22 years, we have built long term partnerships and help many brands reach online exposure and media presence. Over the years we have built the knowledge and expertise to be able to establish brands, using advanced technology, professional content, SEO and Social Media. We forge long-term relations with our clients, to achieve long-lasting results.


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