Our service value lies in online brand awareness strategies and tactics (i.e. OBA), that includes professional value added content creation, SEO and implementation of advanced online technologies.

Dr. Tali Rezun
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Online Brand Awareness (OBA)

oba is a process, that results in online brand equity, positioning and exposure

To achieve online brand awareness or OBA, Google ranking, brand visibility, the right strategy and technology are needed. The days of keywords manipulation are over, Google records every move you make, measures and validates everything from website security, its speed to content quality. Building online brand takes time, therefore we forge long-term relations with our clients. To achieve results commitment is necessary from both sides, sadly there are no quick solutions.

  • Online Brand Awareness

    OBA (Online Brand Awareness) is a process, that combines professional value-added content, use of advanced web technologies, use of advanced SEO techniques and the use of Social Media. OBA results in brand positioning, brand exposure and online brand equity.

  • Assessment & Strategy

    We assess your business, your competition, devise a suitable online strategy and advise your team upon implementation. Projected time of completion is between two and four months, depending on the industry.

  • Classes, Lectures & Workshops

    Address open questions, such as; Online brand value and performance? The knowledge, dedication and culture required for establishing online brand awareness and equity? What is the appropriate content format and which Social Media channels should be used for content publication and distribution in order to have a positive effect on brand equity? What is high-value content, its importance content and creation? Read more ...

  • The Clallenge

    With every year online branding is becoming more demanding, but also with every year there are new online possibilities emerging. To establish new online brand awareness, several challenges must be addressed; (a) online brand trust must be established; (b) publishing content network with active community has to be built; (c) high-quality value added professional content has to be produced; (d) the right technology must be implemented, and; (e) web security must be provided.

research article#

Online brand awareness, brand equity and the importance of professional value-added content (2019, pdf)

case study#

The 4th Pillar – Establishing Online presence and Trust (2018, pdf)

case study#

Vault Hotel Ljubljana – Establishing Online presence and Trust (2018, pdf)

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Social Media Brand Awareness

online brand sharing & content distribution

Success in online brand awareness and exposure also comes from content and content publishing. The ability to spread, publish all the novelties, daily breaking news and all the events surrounding your brand is most important. We build tailor Social Media Brand network; (1) existing brand SM awareness analysis; (2) selection of appropriate SM; (3) SM profile building; (4) content creation; (5) content distribution, and; (6) SM workshop.

  • Social Media

    Social media platforms offer new marketing and content distribution channels on the reach for anyone. This new digital potential just waits to be put to work. We choose the right Social Media channels according to the brand needs and build a content distribution web surrounding the brand website.

  • Professional Content

    The importance of professional content and its positive effect on brand visibility and business performance has become an exceedingly important marketing issue (e.g., Botha, Farshid & Pitt; Cheng; Kumar, et al.; Schweidel & Moe). We help you, to build your brand online trust with high-quality professional content, and to share your unique knowledge and expertise.

  • Publishing Content Network

    Company’s home website is a centre of the linkage network, surrounded by the Social Media profiles and sites. There are a lot of choices which SM platform to choose, and how, when or what to publish. We build the network and teach you how to use it.

corporative SM reference#

Naton HR - LinkedIn

fin-tech SM reference#

4thtech - Twitter

leisure SM reference#

Vault Hotel - Instagram

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Brand Creation

We develop brand for over 22 years

Brand development is a complex process involving; (1) creation of a unique brand image which represents the product, and attracts consumers’ attention; (2) establishing OBA (i.e. brands online awareness), and (3) providing brand with the deeper meaning and value, that consumers can identify with.

  • Assessment & Strategy

    We assess your business, your competition, devise a suitable brand creation strategy.

  • Brand Creation

    We create or update brands, according to the following process; (1) idea concept; (2) creative concept; (3) copyright texts, and; (4) corporate identity.

corporative rebranding#

Naton HR - Human Recources Agency (2011 - 2017)

fin-tech brand creation#

The 4th Pillar/FOURdx project - Revolutionary DLT technology infrastructure (2017 - 2020)

leisure brand creation#

Vault Hotel Ljubljana - (2018 - 2019)

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Fully Responsive, Secure Website and Hosting

We develop unique websites for over 17 years

Company’s home website is an online reflection and offers the first contact to partners, clients and potential company new friends. We devised 6-stage websites building process; (1) Design and Planning; (2) Content Design; (3) Development; (3) Testing; (4) SEO (i.e. search engine optimisation); (5) Weekly Maintenance, and; (6) WordPress Workshops.

  • WordPress Technology

    Whether the WordPress website is for individual businesses or large enterprises, we can design, develop, and maintain WordPress based websites at cost-effective rates. We can meet your precise design requirements and help you in developing an elegant website encompassing all the CMS capabilities that you need. Incorporating HTML5 mark-up to follow future web standards increases search engine visibility, customisable designs, SEO friendly, responsive and High Security.

  • Website Design

    Most online, free to download themes may not suit your exact business requirements as your customer engagement demands may be different. This is where our expertise comes into the picture; we understand your needs and come up with new themes or customize the one you liked according to your exact needs. We create results-driven, clean, mobile responsive websites, that combine usability with design.

  • Website Security

    We use AI security algorithms to monitor, defend and protect websites against brut attacks. All or websites are protected with Secure Sockets Layer (i.e. SSL) encryption protocol, which provides safe online communication and reflects a strong brand responsibility reference.

  • Premium Hosting

    We provide lighting fast website hosting, powered by; SSD, cPanel, Anti Virus & Spam protection, Node.js support, Claudflare w/Railgun ... Expert team monitors protect, maintains and updates the hosting systems 24/7/365.

portrait wordpress reference#

Dr Tali Rezun - Publications, Lectures, Case Studies (2017-2019)

fin-tech wordpress reference#

4thtech - Revolutionary DLT technology (2017 - 2020)

leisure wordpress reference#

Villa Venice to Piran - (2017)

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WordPress as a web application framework

web application development

Web-applications in general are dynamic websites combined with server-side programming, which for example can provide 2-way user communication, connection to back-end databases and much more. For the first time, elegant yet simple solution materialises in the form of WordPress, which offers the use of web architecture, multiple features and unlimited design options. Online Guerrilla develops WordPress web-application development solutions suitable for every business and compatible with various industries.

  • Benefits of WordPress

    - Fast development with clean cone - Easier maintenance - Build-in user management - Build-in theme management - Build-in third party extensions - Easy cache management - Hi-end security options - SEO friendly structure - Mobile responsive websites - Enhanced Website functionality - GDPR compliance solutions - Flexibility and scalability

  • Our Expertise

    - Online Brand Development - WordPress hosting - WordPress Installation and Configuration - WordPress migration - WordPress Theme Development - WordPress Responsive Web Design - WordPress Template Design - Plugin Adaptation - Search Engine Optimisation - WordPress security - WordPress speed optimisation - Support and Maintenance

  • Sollutions

    - eCommerce and retail - Media and Entertainment - Restaurants and hospitality - Recruitment and Job boards - CMS - Education and LMS - Event management - Real-Estate - Database management

  • Advanced Solutions

    - WooCommerce Solutions - Membership Solutions - Mobile First WordPress Development - Advanced cache optimisation - Advanced analytics integration - Advanced security implementation

web applications reference#

Online Teater, online video subscription service (2019 - 2020)

web applications reference#

Hipersound records, music web shop (2012 - 2020)

web applications reference#

Aeon, real-estate agency (2020)

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

online brand visibility

When Google became the dominant search engine, the rules of engagement changed radically. Search ranking becomes a necessity for every brand and professional content became a number one priority. We devised 5-stage SEO building process; (1) keyword research; (2) competitive analysis; (3) on-site SEO implementation; (4) weekly  SEO optimisation, and; (6) SEO workshops.

  • Website SEO components

    Website SEO components;(a) keywords definition; (b) meta data optimisation;(c) ALT definition;(d) page content optimisation; (e)page speed optimisation;(f) website security optimisation; (g) mobile responsiveness optimisation; (h) Google Schema optimisation, and; (i) Google Web Master optimisation.

  • Social Media SEO

    By combining SEO friendly website design and professional content, Social Media Channels can be used to publish public relations news and cover brand events, while building a brand community.

  • Professional Content

    Professional content became a priority, it reflects Brand uniqueness and builds the awareness. Now quality in the form of professional content is rewarded, resulting in higher Google ranking.

  • Local SEO

    Your Business Profile appears right when people are searching for your business or businesses like yours on Google Search or Maps. Google My Business makes it easy to create and update your Business Profile, so a brand can stand out, and bring customers in (Google, 2019).

corporate SEO reference#

Naton HR - Google search

fin-tech SEO reference#

FOURdx - Google search

leisure SEO reference#

Vault Hotel - Google search

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Content Creation Studio

online brand content

We emphasise the importance of professional content and its positive effect on brand visibility and provide the framework for the company to utilise its positive effects on their brands and SEO using social media and high-quality content. Representation of your brand through powerful content equals building the foundations for brand reference and recognition. With over 20 years of content production experience, Online Guerrilla services include production, execution and publication of; (1) research articles and case studies; (2) visualisation content in the form of photographs and films; (3) audio content, and; (4) social media content.

  • Research Articles

    Research articles and case studies provide the perspective behind the brand history, meaning, worth, relevant innovation and its correlation to the competition.

  • Foto & Video Content

    They say, that a picture holds a story of thousands of words, so what number a video holds? We produce brand focused photographic and video content, adjusted for online needs.

  • Audio Production

    Established by Dr. Rezun and partners in 1997, the recording studio was the first working digital studio operating in Slovenia, what enabled us to record multiple records and execute precision editing, what was impossible to do at conventional analogue studios at the time.

  • Copyrighted Music Database

    As we also own a record company, we can offer copyrighted music of famous regional authors and musicians to our clients. Local popular music is extremely important for targeted brand connotation.

fin-tech research article#

Is Blockchain the missing internet link?

corporate video reference#

Naton HR - Event update

audio reference#

Nissan Micra - Radio ad

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Build your brand awareness

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In the last 22 years, we have built long term partnerships and help many brands reach online exposure and media presence. Over the years we have built the knowledge and expertise to be able to establish brands, using video production, advanced technology, professional content, SEO and Social Media. We forge long-term relations with our clients, to achieve long-lasting results.

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