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Moving pictures have the power to change the corporate image, present new projects and more. In combination with inspiring storytelling and tailored copyrighted music, our production will help you expose your brand.

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Content Creation Studio

We emphasise the importance of professional content and its positive effect on brand visibility and provide the framework for the company to utilise its positive effects on their brands using high-quality content. Representation of your brand through powerful content equals building the foundations for brand reference and recognition. 

  • Foto & Video Content

    They say, that a picture holds a story of thousands of words, so what number a video holds? We produce brand focused photographic and video content, adjusted for online needs.

  • Audio Production

    Audio is equally important as video. The digital recording studio was established already in 1997. Over two decades of audio production gives us the needed reference.

  • Research Articles

    Research articles and case studies provide the perspective behind the brand history, meaning, worth, relevant innovation and its correlation to the competition.

  • Copyrighted Music Database

    As we also own a record company, we can offer copyrighted music of famous regional authors and musicians to our clients. Local popular music is extremely important for targeted brand connotation.

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Video Production

High-Quality Corporate and Brand Video Production
  • Production

    We produce high-quality presentational films, to serve your online needs. With fast technology development, professional video gear has become more accessible and consequently, production has become more affordable. As times change, more and more video content is needed online inspiring businesses and brands to video content production.

  • Always-on video

    According to Think with Google, ‘always-on’ video can be defined as ‘help’ content. Video help content manifests as product tutorials, how-to content and customer service videos. This kind of content is always relevant, as it usually solves a problem and brings value, but the biggest advantage is that this kind of content enables expert status.

  • Always-on video advantages

    The benefits of Always-on videos; (1) less perfect but more authentic; (2) more personal with a focus on a brand or talent; (3) faster and less expensive production, enables agility and fast reactions suitable for the social environment, and; (4) professional value-added video content adds a reference to brand or product.

  • Some statistics

    YouTube is the second most visited website after Google. According to HubSpot, more than 55% of people watch videos every day. Facebook has over 7 billion video views every day. According to HubSpot 90% of all users find product videos helpful and are finding the key in the decision process.

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Where we excell

High-Quality Corporate and Brand Video Production
  • Brand video

    To achieve brand awareness and brand visibility, there are no better media than video. The brand represents you, and there is no better representation than video representation. The brand video reflects your value and achievements and records them to history in a most permanent and memorable way.

  • Corporate films

    Corporate films communicate the organisation strategy and can be used internally in the form of corporate identity films and training videos or externally in the form of corporate communication to partners and customers driving marketing, HR, learning and development and other.

  • Interviews

    Interviews are personal, which makes them emotional and memorable. When accompanied by a great story, interviews can leave a substantial mark on the viewer. Video interview serves as an individual portrait of achievements and failures and presents a story behind, a story that news to be told.

  • Tutorials & Training videos

    Use video tutorials to remotely train your employee’s or to simplify the use of your new online application. Video tutorials are extremely powerful knowledge-sharing tools that can be used in various industries.

  • Product video

    Tell and build a story about your product, clarify the ins and outs with video. We produce high-quality product videos that help you increase sales and encourage maximum engagement while stimulating product awareness.

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Corporate Video Production
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Gear we use

Essential gear for corporate videography and audio production
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Build your brand awareness

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In the last 22 years, we have built long term partnerships and help many brands reach online exposure and media presence. Over the years we have built the knowledge and expertise to be able to establish brands, using video production, advanced technology, professional content, SEO and Social Media. We forge long-term relations with our clients, to achieve long-lasting results.

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Supercharge your business with online-brand awareness, digital transformation, future technologies and video production.



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